Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

When the Yarn Harlot announced her plan to start the Knitting Olympics - a challenge to knitters to choose a project that stretches their abilities and complete it within the 10 day Olympics run - I was, of course, skeptical. Not one to really enjoy joining the mad rush after some latest fad, I sat back and watched. And then one day, Stephanie announced that more than 2400 knitters had joined herparty. 2400, eh? I consider that something more than a bandwagon. It's a movement.

So I took stock of my stash and found the perfect personal challenge - fingering weight sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill. As outlined in the rules of the game, we could swatch beforehand but no casting on until the opening ceremony. Good thing I did too or my finished socks would have been lacier than intended. The gauge was awful. So I dropped down to size ONE needles. ONE. My 'challenge' in this game is 1) complete a pair of socks in 10 days (remember, the last pair took nearly a year) - i.e. not get distracted by other projects, and 2)use the smallest DPNs I've worked with so far. Of course, the second part shouldn't be too bad. In general I like DPNs and if they give me great gauge without fretting over keeping the yarn really tight, all the better.

Now that I've joined, I'm in 100% and getting excited. I'm looking forward to the real Olympics with a zeal I'm not sure I would have had otherwise.