Saturday, January 28, 2006

One less work in progress

I have felt inspired recently to work through my WIPs and get them out of the living room WIP bag. Especially since some of them are ridiculously close to being completed. Take the bunny that only needs one arm stuffed and sewn on, two ears attached, and a face embroidered.

How cute will it be when those limbs are united with the rest? I'm going to take Bunny with me to Knit Lawrence today to finish it up.

Or the baby sweater that would probably be done already if I didn't keep losing the directions to the right front panel in my paperwork black hole. Right after I finish writing this entry I'm going to try to find that pattern (i.e. clean up my desk).

The true WIP victory though would be my Moving to Kansas socks that I started on the plane from Kentucky to Kansas. They were meant to be a thank-you gift to my best friend who I would soon be living with. She had been retrieving my shipped boxes from the post office over the previous couple of weeks and was going to pick me up at the airport. And, she was letting me stay with her while I looked for a job.

Alas, after the first sock was completed, I came down with second sock syndrome and yawned my way through the first half of the second one. I set it aside for other projects and, when summer came, convinced myself that it was silly to work on a sock when everyone was wearing sandals.

So almost a year has passed and finally, today, I completed the second sock...

I was so excited!! I was picturing wrapping it up and surprising Jaime with them -- she's seen the socks, but probably doesn't think I'll ever finish them.

When all of a sudden I saw the worst thing...

I DROPPED A STITCH. Like a long time ago. Of course, I immediately assume that I will have to frog all the way back to the gusset stitches and reknit. I knew I had one fewer stitches than I ought to have had, but I did some pretty intense searching for the lost stitch and finally had decided I had miscounted after doing the heel and gussets. Not so much.

My excitement for finishing a project was stronger than my desire to be perfect in this case. I sat back down on the couch and gave a go at picking up the stitch and then trying to find a way to save the orphan. I ended up pulling the loop to the inside, threading a bit of yarn through the loop and using a duplicate stitch technique to anchor the "lifeline" into the knitting.

It ended up looking like this


I am sure I am not the first to have saved a project by doing this sort of thing, but I must say I'm proud I figured it out before giving up and frogging about 10 hours of work.

If I can do that, surely I can finish bunny appendages. Right?