Saturday, December 03, 2005

Knitters make good friends

In fact, knitters are just good people. Anyone who uses their hands slowly to make things that give comfort and warmth must be good people. Have you heard of a mean or dishonest knitter? I bought some yarn once that was advertised on Knitswap (a Yahoo group) and the transaction had none of the guarantees that ebay has. I just PayPaled some money to an email address and waited for the yarn to come in the mail. And of course it did and was exactly as she described it. I knew it would be.

I say all of this because in the past year, I have lived in three states and in each have found knitters who became my friends. You join a knitting group and voila, there they are, your friends. In this season of thanksgiving and family and holiday, I am thankful to have my KnitLawrence friends to share coffee with at Milton's.